On Lincoln County


Lincoln County needs an outsider that leads with integrity

Target Crimes That Matter Most


Mike will push for more proactive, intelligence-based policing and will shift prosecutorial resources away from victimless crimes to focus on the most serious crimes against people, including sexual assault, child abuse, and domestic violence. Those who commit violent crimes against our citizens must feel the full force of the law.

Child Abuse and Sex Crimes

Our smallest and most vulnerable citizens deserve a prosecutor that uses every resource available to bring their attacker to justice. Too often these violent offenders are given the option to plea bargain down and serve only a fraction of the time they rightfully should.

Mike thinks this is wrong and dangerous.  Mike will be mercilessly aggressive in prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law and seek the harshest sentence allowable, for those that abuse our youngest citizens.

Fight Fraud and Corruption

 Fraud and public corruption exploit the taxpayers and undermine public’s trust in government. Mike will work with the community and law enforcement to charge and convict those who criminally defraud the public or abuse public office for personal gain.

Treat addiction


The national opioid crisis has hit Missouri, and especially Lincoln County, hard. This is an issue we must confront.  It’s not enough to focus on punishment alone when prosecuting these types of cases.  We have to recognize that there must be a multi-faceted approach to the prosecution of addiction-related crimes.  In addition to seeking appropriate sentences and punitive measures, Mike will move to make treatment a significant priority.  Addiction – is the root of a problem not solved by harsh sentencing alone. Too often, offenders are released and return to the same addiction related behavior.  In turn this leads to more crime, such as robbery or assault.  In order to reduce recidivism, we must be tough on crime AND take a focused approach to treating substance abuse.

Bring Law Enforcement & Communities Together

Our police officers work hard to protect our neighborhoods and our neighbors. Mistrust in our community makes police work more dangerous than it has to be.

Mike will work with Law Enforcement to reform tactics while holding all parties equally accountable as the law requires. Victims of crime, their families, our officers and communities and all who are accused deserve transparency in determining the truth.

Leadership Is Key

A community who’s proud of their Boys in Blue know that their prosecutor is leading with integrity. Our men and women who serve deserve respect and admiration for the dedication and sacrifice they give to our community.

As Chief Law Enforcement Officer, Mike knows the Prosecuting Attorney must set, uphold, and maintain the highest standards in ethics and transparency so we can earn and wear proudly the badge of public trust.



Get Off the Sidelines!


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